Each one of us has the capacity to make a difference and help lend a helping hand to the less fortunate around us. Your strong intent to make a difference, can take the form of engaging in campaigns for the betterment of the society, volunteering and working directly with communities, supporting fund raising and monetary contributions to the causes of your choice. Be a part of our endeavour to work for the marginalised.

Your donation can change lives – You can contribute financially by supporting campaigns on the platform.

Your time can transform lives- If you want to be part of a movement that not only transforms grass root organisations, but also changes your perspective, consider volunteering as an option. Your time and expertise can be used to build strong community organisations as well as learn and grow from the experience. 


Bhavishya recognizes that the complex issues faced by modern India can only be resolved when the state, civil society, individuals, and corporates join hands, and work with each other. A wide-lens approach that accommodates many more partners has become indispensable to avoid failures and multiply the odds of success. The calls to leverage the efforts and capabilities of all stakeholders to step up the impact of poverty reduction and social inclusion programs are growing louder, and Bhavishya is working to achieve this goal, through collaborations.

Engage Your Employees

Use our Payroll Giving Program to engage your employees and help them feel connected to a social cause by providing them an opportunity to make lasting change. Employees can contribute a certain amount from their monthly salary and choose from among the multiple campaigns we have.


With a complex and multifaceted socio-economic environment like India’s, such development initiatives require consistent, medium to long-term effort. Institutional partner support helps us drive systemic and sustainable change by influencing policy reforms, driving advocacy, generate meaningful research and new methodologies of programmatic interventions.


As an institution, you seek to play an active role in bringing change to people’s lives. You can donate some useful items for the kids from the fund. You can make a department for helping the NGOs. Encourage your students to take part in the Volunteer Program.

Be the Change: Fill out our Form and Make a Difference.